Zhejiang Yiwu boss open BMW killed the staff continued: fast no drunk driving

Driver Chen speed faster
April 7, Zhejiang Province, Yiwu City Public Security Bureau on the evening of 5 occurred in Yiwu City, Chen boss of the town to open the modified BMW killed the staff issued a notice: the following: (1) Check, the driver Chen speed faster, the detection did not drunk driving, the accident is still the case of further investigation. Dachen Avenue is the main road of Dachen Town, two-way four-lane, the road is spacious, the accident occurred in the unity of the village section. There is a monitoring at the junction of the incident, the video did not record the moment of the collision, but you can clearly see: April 5 evening 8:15:20, a east from west to town direction driving red BMW Suddenly rushed into the picture, from south to north through the intersection of pedestrians Wang hit fly. From the screen, the owner of the faster, despite the start from the beginning of the brake in the slowdown, the BMW car or out of the front twenty or thirty meters to stop. Near the villagers said, was hit aunt lying on the ground motionless, BMW's front windshield smashed a big hole. After the reporter learned from the traffic police department of Yiwu, the deceased surnamed Wang, Guizhou, 63 years old this year. BMW M3 owners surnamed Chen, 40 years old, the locals, in Dachen town has a clothing company. After the accident, the deceased Wang's husband rushed to the scene. He said, killed his wife's Chen is his clothing factory owner. Originally, Wang husband in Chen's clothing business, after the Spring Festival this year, his wife came to Yiwu, also entered the same factory workers. "Chen did not realize that he was driving faster, after the incident, he also looked at the road on both sides of the store, a moment inadvertently in front of the front of the road Case. 7, Yiwu Public Security Bureau issued a circular that: the investigation, the driver Chen speed faster, the detection did not drunk driving. Accident is still further investigation of the specific circumstances, the follow-up will be promptly announced to the community.

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