Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangdong with scientific and technological innovation

Guangdong economic development trend, Guangdong economic transformation and upgrading
July 20 to 24, "Guangdong create Guangdong new" Guangdong innovation-driven development theme of large-scale network folk songs will be held. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan and other places of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, scientific research institutions, incubation base, all-round, multi-angle, deep to showcase the Guangdong Province innovation-driven development strategy to achieve new results and new progress. At present, the "public entrepreneurship, popular innovation" wave of surging, for individuals, entrepreneurship, innovation is in good times, for a region, to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, in addition to light policy support, to break the policy of the glass door of the , But also for entrepreneurship, innovation to provide technical support, improve entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness, so that entrepreneurship, innovation go farther, more stable, longer. As we all know, science and technology are primary productive forces. Give full play to science and technology and talent in the business, innovation, the role is to enhance entrepreneurship, innovation and an important part of gold. Guangdong as a big province of economy, but also manufacturing province, to promote the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", both unique advantages, but also to maintain the existing advantages of the request. Guangdong science and technology innovation to produce transcripts, to entrepreneurship, innovation to explore the experience, set a benchmark, provides a reference. As of the end of 2014, the province engaged in research and development staff of 520,000 people, the scale ranks first in the country. So many R & D personnel in Guangdong, the results of scientific research into productive forces, the Guangdong manufacturing industry will have a significant improvement in the overall effect. From the existing results, the province's R & D expenditure accounted for 2.4% of GDP, more than the national average; technical self-sufficiency rate increased to 70%, close to the level of innovative countries and regions. We must not only see the current role of these data on economic development, but also to see the future of economic development role. To the GDP into science and technology, GDP because of the scientific and technological content and higher gold content. From the point of view, Guangdong's implementation of innovation-driven development strategy to optimize the top design, technology and strong support and lead the province's industrial transformation and upgrading, multi-agent collaborative innovation pattern initially formed, the source of innovation and application of basic research made important progress, science and technology, Integration gradually deepened, to solve the entrepreneurial, innovative aspects of the problem, the formation of a three-dimensional technology innovation network. Remember a few years ago, Guangdong has just begun to promote the transformation and upgrading, and some business owners said, do not change the upgrade is dead, transformation and upgrading is to death. At that time, this statement did affect some people. This idea, although with the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is limited, lack of capacity, but also to remind the relevant departments to play the role of science and technology in the transformation and upgrading. Today, Guangdong with solid scientific and technological innovation measures and the growing performance of the transformation and upgrading to provide a powerful driving force. With technology escort, transformation and upgrading is no longer court death, but to a new level, open a new stage. Guangdong as an economic province, the forefront of reform and opening up, with the international economic exchanges in close areas, Guangdong economic development for the country, for the world's attention, Guangdong economic development trends, Guangdong economic restructuring and upgrading, has important reference value. Guangdong live up to expectations, the scientific and technological innovation on the development of an important position in the economy, has achieved great success. Guangdong for the industrial transformation and upgrading, as "public entrepreneurship, innovation" for the Chinese economy to adapt to the new normal, once again Yong Li forefront, first try, to provide samples of Guangdong. Through this mirror in Guangdong, we see the economic new normal, the pace of China's economic ship steady, bright future.

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